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NKH likes to make fun of the art world through an impertinent and offbeat side. Influenced by the abstract expressionism and Pop Art movements, the artist explores the painting movements that give a particular dynamic to the clothes. 


A fan of Jackson Pollock-style dripping, his inspiration for contemporary art has many sources: Warhol, Basquiat, Dali, Banksy, Marcel Duchamp, Keith Haring and many others.

In search of the inexplicable beauty, a beautiful universal: to look at the work conceived of an apparent simplicity and realize its beauty and the emotions it conveys without knowing why, whatever one's age or cultural background.


Each piece created by the artist's hand is therefore unique and borrowed from a particular personality and soul. The movements are never the same, and as the thoughts and reflections on the aesthetics of shapes and colors evolve.

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The NKH artist .

Passionate about the world of fashion and contemporary art, the French artist acting under the pseudonym NKH brings a resolutely new and daring touch to fashion. 

Lulled since his childhood in the world of contemporary art, he first trained in law but his creative spirit imposed itself. An artist at heart, he quickly felt the need to express his creativity through the creation of an art-wear collection with a strong visual identity. 


NKH considers that ready-to-wear pieces, traditionally standardized and mass-produced, should be erected as works of art in their own right. 

Art should not only be a static object in a museum, art should be able to live and be worn to be admired by all. This is how clothing turns out to be a support of choice lending itself particularly to the artist's approach.


He revisits the timeless male and female wardrobe and transcribes his emotions on these pieces as a blank canvas. He reinterprets these fashion standards as works of art that gain value over time.

The workshop .

The artist NKH, accompanied by his assistants, designs all the pieces in the NKH workshop located on the French Riviera.

Based on natural pigments and vegetable resins, the mixtures used give the paint a thick and flexible texture with a waterproofing treatment.


A special varnish layer is added to protect and ensure a natural shine to the pigments. Thanks to a patented process, the paint is impregnated into the garment while giving it extreme flexibility to follow the body's movements.

The garment must adapt to the wearer and must not become a constraint. Like a jewel, some pieces are also embellished with prestigious Swarovski crystals.


The NKH workshop also offers a made-to-measure service that allows its most loyal customers to acquire a unique piece without any measurements.


Each step of creation is supervised by the artist NKH in the eponymous workshop located in the south of France. Each piece is meticulously worked and takes many hours of work, so that a part of the artist's soul is present on each piece of art.


Borrowing the codes of contemporary art, the art-wear pieces from the NKH workshop are signed and delivered with a numbered authenticity card in a luxurious box.

Thus, like master paintings, NKH clothes and accessories are true works of art that gain value over time.

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Exhibitions .

All the pieces from the NKH workshop are unique and the models are very limited. The art-à-porter collection is offered for sale in small quantities in carefully selected boutiques and galleries, in line with the artist's artistic and premium positioning.


In 2020, the artist also inaugurated his own boutique "NKH Paris" in the prestigious district of Place des Vicoires in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.


The NKH collection is also presented in preview in pop-up boutiques and private exhibitions, in particular during Fashion Week periods in Paris, Milan, London, New York and Los Angeles.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Each season, NKH exhibits in the best fashion shows to meet the concept stores around the world in which the brand will be distributed: Tranoï, Pitti Uomo, Who's Next, Liberty NYC, White Milan etc.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Many celebrities from the world of sport, television and the media recognize themselves in the original, exclusive and quirky universe of the artist NKH, and trust his creativity to make tailor-made outfits for the presentation of TV events or concerts.

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